This project is a clone of Yelp but exclusively for campsites and camping grounds.
This project was my first exposure to javascript server side programming with NodeJS and Express, and my first experience with NoSQL databases using MongoDB.
This project was designed with RESTful routing and implements CRUD features.
Users can create an account and view, create, edit and delete campgrounds.
Users can also create, edit and delete comments on campgrounds .
The project includes user authentication via Passport and there are also validations in place to prevent misuse.
The project also utilises uploading images to the cloud via cloudinary.
The project also takes a location from user input and displays the location on a map via Google Maps


    • HTML/ CSS
    • JavaScript/ ES6
    • Bootstrap
    • MongoDB
    • Express
    • Node.js
    • Mongoose
    • Passport
    • Google Maps
    • Cloudinary

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